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At LET'S, honesty, transparency, and simplicity are what we believe in. We want the experience of buying and selling a property to be as easy as walking through the front door. That's why we streamline the process with teams dedicated to each aspect of the transaction. Our revolutionary approach of eliminating the "traditional brokerage", combined with our proprietary technology enables us to disrupt the standard commission structure. No Concessions. No Fine Print. Let's Save.


Radically Transparent 

LET’S 3% commission is possible due to our proprietary technology.


 No middlemen. No fine print.   

Why LET'S?

The benefits and exposure of a traditional top brokerage for a 3% Listing Fee.

Everybody Wins. 

New York Experts

To say NYC Real Estate is unique is an understatement.


We understand the nuances of New York's market, and position your home accordingly.


From co-op financial requirements to potential return on investments, we carefully select each listing and screen every buyer. 


Board packages made simple, an offering unique to New York, the complicated board process is now simplified with packages compiled on your behalf and reviewed expertly with ease.


When buying, we are conscious of each building's requirements and educate you throughout the process, ensuring transparency, discretion, and a perfect application. 

Data Empowered

White Glove Curated Service


We take pride in providing a top level of customer experience from private transport to off-market listings, we ensure your valuable time is managed perfectly. We provide our sellers with up to the minute feedback on showings and work to offer an unparalleled service within the industry.


We pride ourselves on offering these boutique amenities 24/7.

Technology is the backbone of our success. When pricing a property, deciding what to offer or whether now is the time to buy or sell. 


Data ensures that you are constantly forming educated decisions. From what your return would be on an investment property to various ways to analyze comparable properties, we discuss everything in detail to ensure that you are empowered to make well-informed decisions.


We take every detail into account from comparing land leases, to pricing outdoor space, our system is sophisticated and accounts for detail through our proprietary technology.

How Do We Get to 3%?

We market directly to buyers using technology-based systems and a highly coveted industry network. We list outside of the traditional brokerage systems. Our 3% listing fee is all you pay when you list with us. No extra fees... No matter what. Full service every time.

LET'S get in touch

Experienced experts providing unparalleled service, exposure, and expertise for a fraction of the price.

Did you know?

87% of homes are found directly by buyer's.

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